10 Effective Ways To Survive Bed Bug Infestation

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 10 Effective Ways To Survive Bed Bug Infestation

Is your property invaded by bed bugs? Don’t panic. Bed bugs are pesky insects that are responsible for biting humans to suck their blood. They are generally very difficult to remove and control. If you are experiencing sleepless nights and hives all over your body, you are desperately under a bug attack. The best way to eliminate them is to call an expert bed bug removal company. Since these pests love traveling, they can spread their infestation to all those places where you are moving.

Some of the survival tips to follow with bed bugs are:

  1. Don’t move away from your home to avoid the treatment hassles or to escape from their bites. Stay at your place during the treatment to confirm that these pests are actually exterminated.

  2. Bed bugs can survive without food for up to 18 months. This means that going away from these blood suckers for a month or so will not kill them. Therefore, leaving your place is not the exact solution.

  3. To prevent their outbreak in your neighborhood, don’t stay with your neighbors. Try to avoid physical contact as you may be carrying living bed bugs or their eggs on your clothing and essentials.

  4. To catch a living bug, pick up a transparent packing tape and applying it on the moving or resting pest. This will make it stuck on the adhesive and you can kill it later.

  5. Never throw your bedding, mattress, belongings and other furniture out of the home believing that bed bugs can’t be eliminated. They can be killed with effective heat treatment.

  6. Throw away the things that are no more in use and are just causing clutter in your room. Pack the infected items in a sealed plastic bag before throwing them away.

  7. May be the bed bug infestation in some corners of your home is severe than the others. Therefore, don’t shift the furniture and other movable goods from one room to another as it can result in even more reckless outbreak of bugs.

  8. Don’t use harmful pesticides and other insect killers as they have almost no effect on these pests. Moreover, use of such insecticides will ruin your family health instead of the bugs.

  9. Wash everything that have signs of bed bug infestation with extreme hot water. Put all the infested clothing and linens in a washer and wash with a hot water cycle to somehow decrease the population of bugs inside your home.

  10. Call in a pest control company for effective and long term bed bug removal service.

These are some of the ways to deal and survive the bed bug outbreak in your property. If you are really frustrated and stressed with the invasion of blood suckers, call in our pest exterminators at 911 Bed Bugs to deal with bug problems.

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