10 Things to Consider Before A Bed Bug Treatment

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Before A Bed Bug Treatment

Have a bed bug infestation in your home? Don’t panic, our bed bug removal specialists bring you a resource guide on everything you need to know about bed bugs and their removal treatment.

A bed bug infestation usually begins from your bedside area where these beasts hide and suck your blood when you are asleep at night. They can lay eggs in cracks, mattress seams or around any dark or moist area. Within a few days, these eggs can transform into an army of bloodsuckers. And gradually, as the population rises, the bed bugs start to spread all over the house, invading your bed rooms, kitchen, garage etc.

If you are planning for bed bug extermination, then you need to consider a few things that include:

  1. Before you start with the bed bug removal treatment, it is essential to evaluate the spread of infestation. Carefully check all the rooms for signs of bed bug. If you think that these nasty pests are no more limited to just one more, then it would be ideal to call a professional bed bug removal service rather than trying to do it yourself.

  2. Remove all the bedding, clothing and curtains and wash them properly with hot water. Dry them at a very high temperature and don’t use them until the treatment process in complete.

  3. Other household items and fabrics that cannot be washed, make sure all those things are heat treated to prevent bed bugs and their eggs.

  4. Thoroughly vacuum the entire floor, particularly, the holes and cracks where these pests generally hide. Carefully discard the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and keep it outside the house as soon as possible.

  5. Seal off all the holes in the walls, around the electric sockets and outlets with the help of caulk. These are the potential areas where the bed bugs may hide and nest.

  6. Heat treat or properly wash your mattress.

  7. At least for one year you need to keep the mattress within an encasement as this is the normal lifespan of a bed bug.

  8. There are effective bed bug treatment products that can be used to treat all the areas around the bed, closets, furniture and other objects in the room. It is advised to use an eco-friendly product that is safe for you, your pets and the environment.

  9. Once all the rooms are effectively treated, you can put back all of your beddings, curtains, pillows and other stuff.

  10. If required, you can repeat the entire process after 10 days. Visually inspect your entire area to catch the potential signs of bed bug infestation and if the problem persists, make sure you call an expert.

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