4 Major Health Dangers That Come With Bed Bugs

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4 Major Health Dangers That Come With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are red-brown colored small creatures whose role is to feed on the human blood. They mostly remain active during night and attack through their bites. These bed bugs are great at hiding and multiply quickly. The most common health issues that come with these pesky pests are the formation of itchy, red bumps or some kind of welts on the skin. It is necessary to eliminate the bed bugs from homes as they can cause a major health risk.

Here are few health dangers that come with bed bugs:

  1. Allergy

    The bites of bed bugs vary widely as they cause redness and swelling much like a mosquito bite. An allergic reaction can be mild, cause itching and some kind of irritation on the body. To protect yourself from this health problem, you must perform pest control in your home once in the month.

  2. Infections

    Bed bugs carry bacteria with them and when we start scratching our body, it results into openings and breaks in skin. The bacteria further enter through these holes and cause infection in the body.

  3. Impacts Respiratory System

    The bedbugs also give birth to the respiratory problems in human body. They usually shed their outer skin which is responsible for causing health issues like asthma and other respiratory ailments. These diseases are especially found in children.

  4. Insomnia

    The bites of these bed bugs are not painful, but cause irritation in your body. Usually, bedbugs attack in nights and we start scratching the infected area in the middle of the sleep. This eliminates the proper intake of sleep and causes health issues like depression, loss of anxiety and signs of insomnia.

Apart from causing infections, bed bugs also destroy your relationship with your neighbors. Your neighbors do not want to bring any pest to their home. These bed bugs may get attached with the clothes and are difficult to remove. So, it is necessary for everyone to deal with these pests as soon as possible. If you are looking for the ideal treatment to reduce these bugs, you can take help from our bed bug control service at 911 Bed Bugs.

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