6 Possible Signs Indicating Presence of Bed Bugs

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6 Possible Signs Indicating Presence Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are harmful pests that can cause severe body rashes and itches. There infestation is becoming a common problem all around the world. These pests are not at all limited to beds and can be found anywhere in a home. They may have headed through second hand furniture, after vacation luggage or by some hosts. Since, there origin isn’t known, accounting their presence isn’t easy.

Rashes aren’t always caused by bugs. Therefore, before calling professional pest exterminators, its necessary to determine whether you’re actually dealing with bed bug infestation.

Few reasons pointing towards bed bug presence are:

  1. Rashes: One of the top signs indicating bed bug bite is a scattered red rash. It is often itchy and can cause inflammation in some individuals. There are many people who doesn’t get affected by these bites. Most often, its shape is similar to a cluster of small mosquito or flea bites and can occur on any body part.
  2. Bed bug on bedding: Adult bed bugs are visible to naked eyes, while larval one’s may not be. One can inspect the bedding, mattress, furniture and other items in bedroom to find their infestation. Wall and floor cracks, corners and crevices are one of the perfect hiding places for these pests.
  3. Blood stains on bedsheets: Another infestation sign is blood stains on bedsheets and pillow cases. One can notice them on white or light colored bedsheet. Blood stains are usually caused by bugs that have been squashed during the night. Do remember, these stains alone doesn’t indicate presence of bed bugs. Before assuming their presence, try to figure them out using a magnifying glass.
  4. Droppings: If there are bugs, there will be droppings. These droppings can be small, large, brownish-red or rust colored. If a home is actually infested, one can easily find them on or around the bed. In case of prolonged infestation, there are chances of finding bug eggs.
  5. Castings: With the change in life cycle, larval pests cast or shed their old skin. In order to identify, look at the color of the skin. In case of bed bugs, it should be hollow and light coloured. Castings are well visible, if looked closely.
  6. Odor: Bed bugs usually exhibit a musty and mild odor that’s secreted from their scent glands. Many people doesn’t realize this odor, as its bit similar to berries. Its been speculated that this scent is secreted to attract other bed bugs.

These are the possible signs indicating bed bug infestation in a home. These harmful pests should be exterminated as soon as noticed.

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