Some Amazing & Lesser Believed Truths About Bed Bugs

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 Some Amazing & Lesser Believed Truths About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are annoying pests that are dangerous for humans. These tiny, brown colored insects feed on human blood and are therefore, known as blood suckers. They are responsible for causing discomfort, stress and skin problems such as hives and rashes. Bed bugs can infect a home to feed on the blood of people staying over there. They are also known as frequent travelers that can accommodate any place inside your home, like mattresses, clothes, walls, cupboards, furniture, floor etc. These pesky pests are difficult to eliminate and can only be dealt by pest control professionals.

Some of the lesser believed truths about these blood suckers are:

  1. They are not only found in beds

    Most of us think that bed bugs are limited to beds and mattresses that is completely false. Though these pests remain active during night, they can also bite during the day. Just because people get bitten while sleeping, its predicted that bugs reside only in the bed. Instead, the truth is that they can climb on the walls, crawl on floor and hide themselves in the wall crevices or holes.

  2. They can survive everywhere

    People often think that pests accommodate a dirty and unclean place that is usually cluttered. Though it may be true for many insect categories, this fact is completely wrong with bugs. These blood suckers can live almost anywhere, no matter rural or urban and clean or dirty property. There is generally no limit of the place where they can set up their camp.

  3. They love traveling

    Since bed bugs are wingless insects, they cannot travel much on their own. These tiny pests actually love riding on the belongings and luggage of their owners. Moreover, there are chances that you may carry a bed bug infestation from a hotel room to your home.

  4. DIY treatment can’t eliminate them

    Never get fooled by the size of these insects. They are tiny, but can cause great discomfort and stress. Their bites can cause severe rashes and allergies. If you are thinking to remove them on your own, then it’s a bad decision. Since these pests can hide anywhere, there are very rare chances of their successful removal. For long term and effective bed bug removal, consider calling pest exterminators for service.

These are the few truths about bed bugs that are lesser believed by homeowners. These blood suckers should be removed at once to prevent bites and outbreak. Is your home invaded by bed bugs? Call in our professionals at 911 Bed Bugs for removal.

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