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Bed bug infestation is an ongoing problem with minimal foreseeable changes in the near future. Infestation cases are soaring day by day and you should know how to keep your home safe from the hitchhiker: the bed bug. Here, our bed bug exterminators will share a few facts that will help you identify, prevent and control them.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are red to brown in color, have six legs and are flat and oval. They are approximately one millimeter in length.

Bed Bug Environment

Bed bugs prefer to live near a human food source – in the cracks and crevices, furniture, bed frames, mattresses, suitcases, and behind electrical switch panels.

Bed Bug Threats

Bed bugs love to travel and they can remain unnoticed as they are nocturnal. They come out at night to feed on human blood. If you find red and itchy welts on your skin in the morning, there are chances that you have bitten by bed bugs. Although, there are no facts that can support that they transmit diseases, but, still they are annoying and it can be hard to eradicate them, especially with do-it-yourself treatments.

Bed Bug Prevention

In order to avoid bed bug infestation, you need to be a little careful. After returning from a holiday, keep your suitcases out. Remove and wash all the clothes and run through heat dryer cycle. Bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures so make sure you kill any that may have traveled back with you from your trips. Vacuum suitcases and keep them out in sealed containers. Also, inspect your beddings for any dark blood spots as these are the potential signs of bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can survive even in extreme conditions and they can live without eating for a year. So, they surely won’t die with your do-it-yourself treatments. In case, you suspect any bed bug activity in your house or business, immediately call a professional pest control company. Professionals will properly inspect your place and implement the right course of action. There are various bed bug removal treatments that can effectively prevent bed bugs from your home. Heat treatment is one of the most effective treatments. It can kill both the adult bed bugs and their eggs. To carry out the treatment, the professionals may ask you to stay out for a few hours. They might also need to move your furniture or other things to keep the space clear.

If you want a good night sleep, you should take strict action against these pesky pests. You can contact our professionals at 911 Bed Bugs for effective bed bug removal services in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

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