Why Bed Bugs Are Harder To Kill Without A Pest Control Professional?

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Why Bed Bugs Are Harder To Kill Without A Pest Control Professional?

No matter whether your home is clean or dirty, bed bugs can infest your home anytime. It is estimated that bed bug infestation is very hard to prevent as compared to other common pests. One of the common reason behind their complex elimination is that they are excellent at hiding. These bed bugs not only hide them in beds but also greatly found in furniture and electronics. That’s why a heat treatment works well to kill these bugs with the help of professional pest control team.

Here are the few points that demonstrate these bed bugs are very hard to remove:

  • Bed bugs are small pests that are good at hiding themselves in any tiny space. Without a professional, it’s really hard to find them all and the only best solution is to eliminate them with heat treatment.

  • Another scary thing about the bed bugs is that they breed quickly into few groups and colonies. Within months, they start to reproduce to more four generations which highly depends on the conditions like temperature and humidity.

  • The pests like bed bugs can survive for a long time without feeding. This makes the bugs to shelter under the home valuables and attack human anytime.

  • Bed bugs are great at attacking the humans and can consume a lot of blood. It’s found that these bed bug bites contain anesthetic that stops the humans from noticing that they have bitten.

What is the best practice to kill them?

To get rid of bed bugs, the initial step is to call a pest controller. A trained professional has high experience in tackling the bed bug infestation and know how to kill bed bugs with right chemicals and heat treatment. When there is a heavy infestation, then it can also take some weeks to kill bed bugs.

For best results, never try to perform DIY methods as they never work to kill them. If you don’t want to throw away your favorite piece of furniture, then you can call our pest professionals at 911 Bed Bugs.

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