Bed Bugs Infestation: How They Enter The Premises?

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Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bug infestation is a big nuisance as no one likes their presence in their homes. Most of the homeowners perform numerous cleaning activities in their homes but it’s not sufficient to get rid of these bugs. Bedbugs are the kind of creatures who can infest the cleanest home too. Identifying the source is the only solution to prevent the bed bug re-infestation.

Below are the few factors that tell how bed bugs enter the home premises:

  1. Second-Hand Furniture

    Crack in furniture is the perfect living space for the bed bugs. No matter either you buy a second-hand good or new outfit as bugs easily hide out. It’s necessary to check for the cracks existing in the furniture where the bed bugs can reside.

  2. Traveled Luggage

    Either you are simply living in a hotel or going for summer camps, your luggage is a perfect hiding space for the bed bugs. You can handle the bed bug infestation by vacuuming the luggage. Moreover, you must consider laundry services immediately after coming back to home.

  3. Neighbors Clothing

    Bed bugs are smart and can easily hitch to clothes or any fabric to enter the homes. So be extra careful if you invite guests over your place struggling with bed bug problem.

  4. Buying New Home

    If you have recently start living in a new home, then there are high possibilities that bugs have already taken up the residence. They might hide in carpets, curtains as well as baseboards.

Bed bugs are the potential risk for every home or business which need a timely pest control solution. If you are looking for a proactive approach for bed bug elimination, then you can choose our professional exterminators at 911 Bed Bugs.

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