DIY Bed Bug Treatment: Myths Busted

Bed Bug Treatment

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Bed bugs are a nuisance for any business or homeowner alike because the tiny pests feed on human blood. These blood-sucking pests drive all around in your home, be it is your bed, carpet, curtains, clothes, furniture mattress, electrical boards or almost anywhere.

Some people use DIY techniques to prevent and remove bed bugs. But, the truth is bed bugs can be killed only with heat treatment. Here is explained the truth of bed bug treatment with home remedies:

  • Ultrasonic Devices
    It is believed that the high frequencies of the sound make the bed bugs uncomfortable and force them to run away. But, it is found that the bed bugs have no effect of these devices.
  • Baking Soda
    People believe that baking soda cause to dehydrate the bed bugs and it can thoroughly remove the bed bug infestation. But, there is no evidence of the successful result of bed bug treatment with baking soda.
  • Moth Balls
    Mothballs contain the chemicals, and its smell naturally repels bed bugs although mothballs have not given 100% effective result.
  • Wash Bedding
    Washing your bedding, linens, curtains and other material at high temperature may be an effective way to get rid of bed bugs. The truth is, it can reduce the number of bed bugs, but can’t thoroughly remove them.

So, the best way to get rid of bed bugs is, hiring professionals. 911 Bed Bugs specialize in providing the bed bugs removal on the same day to residential and commercial clients. Call us today to get successful heat treatment for bed bugs removal.

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