Do Bed Bugs Live Only In Bed?

Bed Bugs

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No, this is a misconception about bed bugs. It is may be due to their name that often makes people think that bed bugs usually live in your bed. But this is not true. Once these pesky pests have reached your home, they can drive anywhere from the bedroom to kitchen or garage quickly.

As they need blood to survive, they can even reach your pets to suck their blood. So, don’t assume that these blood-sucking pests can bite only humans.

Why Do Bed Bugs Often Found In Bed?

Because they belong to the pests which survive on humans warmer blood, another reason is bed bugs love to live in cozy places. Thus, your mattress is one of the best places where they get coziness along with your blood to feed on whole night.

Where Else The Bed Bugs Can Be Found?

As stated above, bed bugs love to live in cozy places where they can breed and reproduce quickly. They can be found behind the electrical socket, in upholstery furniture, woolen cloths, old furniture, carpets, linings, suitcases and more.

Should I Detect Everything To Remove Bed Bugs?

Yes, if you want to inspect your home for bed bugs and check each corner, remove them effectively.

How To Remove Bed Bugs Effectively?

Heat treatment is a proven way to get rid of these pesky pests. But, it could be challenging to be performed by an individual.

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