Basic Approaches To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In An Apartment

Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs treatment is particularly a challenging task as these tiny pests can quickly spread in adjacent apartments including below and above of the infested unit. Due to this reason, the pest extermination process needs coordination among tenants.

Some people who afraid to publicly mention the bed bugs infestation might refuse the pest extermination. But, it is vital to guide them about the bugs inspection, their effects and treatment. Well, once you get the others ready to support you in bed bugs removal in an apartment, you can have the three basic approaches:

  • Long-Term Spraying
    The spray should be applied directly to mattress, upholstery, furniture, box springs, cracks, crevices, curtains, carpets and everywhere the bed bugs are expected to appear. Some spray may act as repellents, so be careful to use them. Choose the spray containing chlorfenapyr that could be effective.
  • Tenting & Fumigation
    The entire building will be tented and fumigated to use this treatment. Though this option is expensive and least approached, it is highly effective when conducted continuously for 12 hours and more as per the requirement. The downside of tenting and fumigation, it includes chemicals like the combination of carbon dioxide, methyl formats and ethylene oxide which may become dangerous for humans.
  • Heat Treatment
    Through this treatment, your apartment is heated to more than 120ºF to 125ºF degree for several hours. Heat treatment helps to remove the bed bugs and their eggs entirely this is why it is considered as one of the most effective solutions to get rid of blood sucking pests.

If you are looking for the permanent solution for bed bugs, reach out us at Kill Bed Bugs. The main reason to choose us is our thermal heat remediation method to ensure bed bugs removal without using the harmful chemical. We offer same-day emergency services at a reasonable cost. Contact us today to hire our professionals.

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