The Importance of Carefully Choosing a Bed Bugs Removal Company

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How To Choose A Bed Bugs Exterminator

When you realize the presence of bed bugs in your home or office, you will likely to have mixed feelings of shock, disgust and panic. The only question on your mind will probably be:

How do I handle this situation?

If you have done some research, you’ve probably realized that DIY extermination isn’t going to help you. You know you’re going to need the help of a bed bugs removal company to tackle this problem. Thanks to the internet, searching for bed bugs removal company is quite easy. But how do you slim down all your choices and choose the best one?

When you’re in the process of choosing a company, there are some important questions you must ask them to ensure you are choosing the best professionals in this industry. What makes it difficult is that you probably are not aware of the right questions to ask. No worries — you’ll know now.

Below are the questions you must ask a potential bed bugs removal company. Each question also has a brief explanation to help you evaluate the company’s answer.

  1. Are you licensed or you only have a trainee permit?
    You want a company that is fully licensed.

  2. Do you send employees or use sub-contractors? A company that does not use sub-contractors should be preferred.

  3. Do you have an experience in exterminating bed bugs?
    Some companies have experience in eliminating other pests but not bed bugs. Look for a company with specific bed bug experience.

  4. How long have you been in this business?
    If they have just stepped into this industry, be cautious and thoroughly check their references.

  5. How do you treat bed bug infestations?
    Good bed bugs exterminators will generally use heat treatment to successfully eliminate bed bug infestation. If a company’s approach is to simply spray some pesticides around your home and leave, it is a sign that they probably don’t perform bed bug treatment well.

  6. Will you provide a detailed plan for bed bug extermination?
    It is difficult to control bed bugs. A good bed bugs removal company will provide written plans.

  7. Do you guarantee a complete bed bugs extermination?
    Experienced and reliable companies will offer a guarantee.

Ultimately you are searching for reputable company with a proven track record in specifically exterminating bed bugs.

Hiring a bed bug exterminator can be a complex process. You are inviting a stranger to work in your home. They will be using your bedroom, your closets and other places. It is important to hire someone you can trust being in your home and working with you.

911 Bed Bugs has successfully helped many stressed folks dealing with bed bug infestations. If you think you are in the middle of an infestation, contact us now.

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