How To Prepare For A Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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How To Prepare For A Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs in Toronto are a serious problem. They are just everywhere; be it your home, business, hotel or any other place you can think of. Bed bugs removal services often get calls from people concerned about the bed bug infestation in their homes and apartments. Fortunately, there is one cost-effective and environment friendly technique to prevent bed bugs from your property i.e. bed bug heat treatment. In heat treatment hot air is circulated throughout the infested area to kill bed bugs and their eggs. In order to make the treatment more effective, homeowners need to prepare for the bed bug treatment. Following are the preparations you need to do to make the entire process completely effective:

  1. It is advised to unplug electronics from outlets in your rooms.
  2. It is good to place all your clothes loosely in open laundry baskets. They shouldn’t be tightly packed.
  3. If you have any delicate and valuable items on the wall or on the shelves, make sure you remove them. Heavy equipments are utilized during the bed bug extermination process, so it’s better to keep your belongings to a safe place to avoid any damage.
  4. If you have air mattresses, deflate the bladders.
  5. Keep the path clear as the bed bug exterminators would need to move large equipments through your structure. So, it is necessary to keep the space clear throughout your home or business.
  6. Remove all pets from your home or business, including dogs, cats, dogs, birds, etc.
  7. Homeowners should also collect and keep certain items into a safe box such as all aerosols and pressurized cans, flammable or combustible chemicals, candles, oil paintings, musical instruments (like guitars), indoor plants and any other valuables that you think could get damaged by temperatures ranging between 120°F and 150°F.
  8. Chocolate, candy and other items that may melt at higher temperatures should be kept in the refrigerator.
  9. Also, keep your medications in a safe place or in the refrigerator during the heat treatment.

These preparation tips will help you ensure that your home or business is ready for the bed bug heat treatment. If you have any questions regarding the bed bug heat treatment, please give us a call at 911 Bed Bugs. Our knowledgeable bed bug exterminators will carefully inspect your property to determine if you have a bed bug problem. We implement effective and durable solutions to kill the bed bugs and their eggs to avoid any chances of future infestation.

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