6 Warning Signs of Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms or Bed

Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are pesky blood suckers that are rarely visible to a naked eye. If you think that bugs are limited to bedding and mattresses, you are completely wrong. These pests can adjust to almost any surface, right from the upholstery to furniture and walls, especially the messy places. Not only cluttered homes with pets attract bed bugs, but they can also invade hotels, parks, airplanes and anything in between.

Some warning signs you should look for when spotting bed bugs are:

  • The best time to look out for bugs is the night hours. The reason being they usually come out during the night to feed on their prey. The obvious places you should inspect are beds, curtains, door frames and wall crevices.
  • If you notice black colored spots on your bed or floors, there might be bugs around you. These pests secrete a black gooey substance at the places they reside in.
  • In case, you notice a weird aroma in your interiors that is not too good or bad, the chances are there is a bed bug outbreak. These pests expel a distinctive odor wherever they go to attract other bed bugs.
  • These pests follow a life cycle where their body goes through six different size adaptions, ranging from larval stage to light red young bugs and dark-colored adults.
  • Bed bugs don’t like heat or a warm spell of air at all. If they are hiding in a hole or wall crevice, all you can do is blow a hot air using hair dryer. This action of yours will compel the bugs to leave the place.
  • Other than this, blood marks or stains on the bed sheets are the signs you should look for. This may not help in giving accurate results as the stains might be due to mosquito bites.

So, these are few warning signs you should look for while inspecting bed bugs at hotel rooms or home. If you are suspecting a pest infestation, call our bed bug control expert at 911 Bed Bugs right away.

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