What Causes Bed Bugs In Your Home? Tips To Prevent Pests

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What Causes Bed Bugs In Your Home? Tips To Prevent Pests

Bed bugs travel through walls from one apartment to another. If you have a cat or dog, your pets can bring the bed bugs in your home. In case, you recently bought the second-hand furniture, it could be a source of inviting bed bugs. Almost found on the cozy places, these pests could be in your bed, carpet, old clothes, upholstery furniture, etc. It is not only about your home, sometimes the bed bugs are found in the public places, like theater, train, bus stand, office, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Due to their fast breeding quality, they increase their population soon. So, once a bed bug has entered into your home, within a couple of days, you get a number of bed bugs and harmful effects of their bite on your body, like redness, swelling and itching.

Bed Bugs Preventive Tips

  • Whatever, you bought in your home, make sure to inspect it before use.
  • Don’t use the second-hand material like upholstery furniture, mattresses, clothing, box springs, etc.
  • Make sure to vacuum your home’s each corner at least once a week.
  • Keep your suitcase closed while traveling.
  • Inspect the hotel room should be cleaned.
  • Seal all the cracks or small holes in your home where bed bugs could live.

What Causes Bed Bugs Remove

  • However, the bed bugs can live for several days, but if they don’t get human warmer blood up to 12 months they can die.
  • Temperature up to 120F can cause the death of bed bugs. So, you can wash your pest infested material with hot water.
  • Temperature below 5F can remove such harmful pests but it will take some days.

People will surely use these tips, but bed bugs are not easy to kill as they have the ability to sense the danger. Therefore, one should consult with a professional pest removal specialist at 911 Bed Bugs in Kitchener. Our pest exterminators are well equipped with new techniques of handling pests.

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